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Just bought a Husqvarna 500

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Since: Jun 20, 2003
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(Msg. 16) Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2004 5:14 am
Post subject: For SAKE!! Holiday plans etc [Login to view extended thread Info.]
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Well tom,

I have had an 83 xc 500 and it starts like a dream a good dream. I once
got an 86 500 and never could start it though the guy I got it form had no
problem. You will want to stand on something about a foot high and kick
with the right leg. Just push through past the point of most resistance and
kick it. Perhaps kick somewhat backwards. I have plenty of time on an air
cooled 500 and water cooled 430's and never did any laying the bike on the
side or other stuff I have read here. The spark is mighty feeble but it
seems to work for me though some of the components do fail. The local
dealer said it could be hard to start if the ring did not seat well. There
is a crank seal on the left side which you have to split the cases to change
if you get some smoke out of the breather for the transmission then that is
an issue. I would examine the magnesium cases in the area of the swingarm
pivot bolt. Many of the mono shock ones break up there, at any rate make
sure the swing arm bolt is torqued at least to the spec. Full throttle and
choke off for a cold engine means it was flooded. Which carb is on it the
parts book shows that in 87-88 they used a 38 on the xc and a 40 on the cr.
Perhaps the reeds are not so great though I broke one once and the bike
would start but I could not ride it no matter how hard I tried and ended up
walking quite a way. Incidentally the reed broke the next time after I
started it by being pulled by a pick up truck due to severely flooded

Well good luck.

bent_pipe wrote in message ...
 >I just bought an '87 Husqvarna 500 2 stroke. It runs good but is difficult
 >to start. For one the kick starter is on the wrong side and is extra long.
 >have a hard time getting a good fast kick with my left foot with this long
 >lever. After kicking it for about 40 minutes (choke on chock off standing
 >next to it kicking with my right foot standing on a bike stand with my
 >foot kicking with my left ect) a little staring fluid and full throttle
 >choke off finally got it going. Once it starts the kicker hits my leg just
 >above the boot leaving a nasty little bruise.
 >I think this will be a fun bike once I figure out how to start it. Anyone
 >have any advice for me?
 >I know that this is a long shot but can an electric starter be fitted to
 >this bike?
 >~ Tom
 >89 XT 600
 >87 Husqvarna 500

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The Real Bev


Since: Jul 01, 2003
Posts: 436

(Msg. 17) Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2004 1:12 am
Post subject: For SAKE!! Holiday plans etc [Login to view extended thread Info.]
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MX, Tuner wrote:


  > >
   > >> Wrong side????? your kick starter is on the right-hand side of the
   > >> bike?????????
  > >
  > >How totally bizarre. After a couple of years on a leftie,
  > >you become ambidextrous.
 > I noticed that after a few weeks with the Can Am.

When I did the most riding (and kick-starting) my dirtbike kicked on
the...right and my street bike kicked on the...left -- so my
ambidexterity is terrain-dependent. It was a real pain trying to ride
the Ducati in the dirt or the Honda on the road and I still have to
think consciously about which is which.

It never hurts to pack a can of starting fluid somewhere on your bike.

"I used to be convinced that MicroSquish shipped crap because they
simply didn't give a flying fuck as long as the sheep kept buying
their shit. Now, I'm convinced that they really do ship the best
products they are capable of writing, and *that's* tragic."
- John C. Randolph, about MS quality control.

 >> Stay informed about: Just bought a Husqvarna 500 
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